The Authors

Welcome!! Here's just a bit about the authors of the blog and why we're here.

I'm a Baylor graduate who went to college with three options for a career: dancing, writing, or accounting. While I was sitting in my freshman advisement session, my advisor asked my major, and I blurted out accounting. I tried a dance minor for a while - but long story short - it was just too much.

So here I am...a 23-year old auditor, who's still trying to find outlets for the two career options that didn't quite make the cut. The dancing part? Still working on it. But the writing part, it is! A blog. No grammar checks, no edits, and no grades. Just me and my laptop. And...well...Charlie.

Which leads me to the title: The Princess and her Pitbull. Is Charlie really a pitbull? Well...we don't really know. I found that little pup in the street when he was (approximately) 3 months old, 8 pounds - and hairless. And three years later he's still mine...only 73 pounds with quite the fur coat.

The princess part? seems to be the nickname that people give me. Am I actually from royalty? 'Course not. Though I could probably give Kate Middleton a run for her money. But I am slightly dramatic (among other things)...which warrants the title. And if you know're probably smiling right now.